From the healing couch!

Hey there team Tiger, Tiger Army, Fans o’ Tiger! I’ve been very busy up here in the land o’ rain recording some awesome tunes and trying to finish my music video between rain drops. I released Billie Jean on my website and faceTracks a few weeks ago and got a lot of hits on my site and a bunch of you bought my song so thank you! with alot of persuasion from you, I recently recorded “don’t give up on me” for your listening pleasure! (with Derek Whitaker of White Acre studios) We’re just finishing up the music bed for it right now and should be good to go pretty soon. i’m working with 3 different producers so trying to nail them down has been a chore but am so glad I have so many great and talented people in my corner.

I’ve also been working on a remake of careless whisper with Johnny Bacolas, a vision he has had for a long time until the right singer came a long. (Hey, that’s me.) I’m really excited for my first original tune written by Mark Haynie, arranged by me and recorded and produced by Monty smith! It’s called “i’m holdin’ on” and it’s a beast of a song! melodic and passionate about our current situation as americans…as humans. I have been working on the video (with Cory bogle of bogle productions) for a few weeks but like I said have been hit head on by mother nature’s hammer. on the 29th of november (yesterday) we were shooting a scene on lake washington where I have to walk into the water. it turns out that it wasn’t over my head until I got about 50 yards out. Funny..yet freezing. we got the shot and I’m running back to shore and I roll my ankle on a rock that is underwater. so there I was freezing and in major pain, hobbling over to my car so I could get warm and take the pressure off my ankle. we shot one more scene after that and i’ve been pretty much sitting on my rump ever since.

I really hope you all are enjoying the little bit of music i have put out and are looking forward to the next! I’m really sorry I haven’t been blooging more. I have been super busy but it’s really just a habit that i haven’t gotten into yet! Please continue watching X factor and vote for my boy Josh Krajcik, he’s the only one left where I’ll be able to ride his coattails! 🙂 please pass my name along, subscribe to my @tigerbudbill on twitter and get ready for the next stage of my career to hit! thanks again for all your support!


Message from Tiger

I’m pretty excited to finally get something out there for all of you to hear. I have been working diligently, in fact leaving my job, so I can get on with the rest of my life and do what I love to do and that is perform and sing for you. I said in one of my articles that I didn’t even think anyone in my own house would want to hear me sing let alone people from Pakistan or Malaysia. I’m not actually a huge fan of my voice but I guess there are tens of thousands of people that are so who am I to deprive them?  I now have fans from every corner of the world. Iceland, the UK, Borneo, Malaysia, Pakistan, Singapore, Libya, south Africa, Brazil, Spain, Argentina, new Zealand, Dubai, Australia Mexico, Italy, France, Greece and so many others I can’t remember them all. But it warms my whole being to know that I have touched so many people around the world. Hopefully you will love my music as much as the pleasure I get out of performing it for you!

This week I will be releasing my first song exclusively through my website and my Facebook page. If you just go to  this page  you can buy my music right from my website here or off my artist page on Facebook. How cool is that? In a few weeks I will release it on Itunes but I want to give the people that have supported me for all these months the first chance to have my music. [Read more…]

Grand Larceny

Alex Hugessen of

Guest blog by Alex Hugessen – founder of

I have a friend who used to work in the operations department of a ski resort. Part of her day to day would include dealing with people who had been caught sneaking onto the mountain and skiing without having bought a ticket. The scoff-laws would be brought to her (usually by a burly ski patroller) and were almost always very sheepish in their demeanor. They had an “aww shucks, you caught me, I won’t do it again” type of attitude to the whole ordeal and would then either offer to pay the price of the ticket or just ask if they could go.

The response was always the same. “Please sit tight, I have called the police and they should only be a few more minutes. They’re usually quite prompt”
My reaction the first time I heard that was probably quite similar to the people who had actually been hauled in for the offense. “Really? You’re going to involve the police in the matter of somebody sneaking onto a ski hill?” [Read more…]

Hellloooo Tiger

I figure it’s about time I post something here on my brand new blog…that was started 5 months ago. Hey, I’ve been busy! As you’re surely aware by now, unless you’ve been living under a rock or are just visiting my website and getting to know me for the first time, I’ve been quite busy managing a brand new bar in Mill Creek called the Twisted Lime Island Pub. Yeah, it’s pretty sweet. It’s got a great theme. There are a lot of great regulars. The place is always packed. Oh, and my beautiful wife works there too. So, yeah, I’ve been busy.

Oh wait, and I’ve also been participating on a little television show called The X Factor. It’s a singing competition. I’ve actually been having a fairly decent run too. Out of 200,000 contestants, I’ve made it through to southern California twice and am now in the final 32! I’m feeling really good now that my performance at Nicole Scherzinger’s house for her and Enrique Iglesias has finally aired. The performance felt really good and the reviews and comments I’ve been reading on various blogs and on the TheXFactorUSA’s YouTube page have been so supportive. [Read more…]